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It's noisy out there.

We know you want to be seen and heard, but in the crowd of over 4 billion people on social media getting yourself out there to attract your tribe can be difficult, frustrating, and disheartening to say the least.

We know the struggle. It's a pain to keep up with the algorithms, to understand which social media platform will serve you the best. We understand what it's like to feel invisible and yet have something healing and powerful that you must bring to the world.

We know how fickle Facebook, Instagram, and other social channels can be with AD campaigns. We know it can feel like the circulation of money energies is lacking when you invest in getting seen and there is very little return on that investment.

It can feel like a cut-throat world of competition; you do your best to keep your reviews at 5 stars and your customers happy. It can feel like it's a treadmill that at the beginning it's fun, but the marathon feels like you constantly have to sprint.

You may want to simply do what you love, share your gifts, and attract tribe. Why does it have to be so complicated? There has to be a better way.

Be seen and heard by your target market.

What if you didn't have to sift through billions of people and could have access, direct connection to new people who a drawn to personal development and mind, body, soul work, would that help your business?

Connect to a larger targeted audience

You are someone who doesn't need to waste your time constantly keeping up with the algorithms, you must be seen, your gifts are too good to keep silent. You are meant to reach the masses and we are ready to support, and facilitate this expansion!

What if you could connect to new people, and your business could be featured?

What if this social platform that targeted new people for your tribe allowed you to promote your events and your products or services 1x per week.

Would this be helpful for your business growth?

Soulpreneurs Association™ is where good people are doing more good in the world and

being seen because of it!

Be a true influencer.

Be seen and heard by people that care about the body and soul.

Bring together your content, community, online courses, memberships, and more all in one place where your visibility and your brand matter!

Stop disappearing on other social platforms and join us inside the Body Soul

and start making a real difference.

Become a Soulpreneurs Association Member™

and experience the BODY SOUL APP difference

Higher and higher levels of distraction are a growing problem for group admins and moderators on Facebook. How can you gain the focus of your community when they are addicted to their notifications, bright shiny objects that are meant to compete with your business, and all of the other dramas your clients and potential clients on Facebook experience like interpersonal family and friend conflicts, politics, and even your content being censored?

Facebook used to be the only place where brands could host their community with features such as LIVE video, units, community posting and engagement, the ability to share content that encourages your business growth, and community growth and strength. It used to be the absolute best place to be seen and heard that was affordable for newer businesses.

Well, Body Soul is here to change the game.

We want you, as a business dedicated to helping people, to thrive, and we've got a space that not only has all of these features of a Facebook group, but also a place for you to promote and be seen and heard more easefully.

Let's chat about the group space first. When you have a group space inside the Body Soul App you can also have an algorithmic sanctuary and algorithmic autonomy over notifications for your groups. We have organized the app so that way your community can receive your courses, LIVE content, events, and even book on YOUR calendar all in one app. Body Soul App replaces Facebook for the basics of community building and surpasses it with the ease of use that your community will love.

Now, let's chat about marketing and promoting, aka, being seen and heard.

Facebook used to be the place where you could get in front of your target audience easily and they make it harder and harder for the small business. This is where Body Soul is changing the game! We are attracting your prime audience; people who care about body and soul, people who are becoming more conscious of the importance of self-care, preventative care, and life-enhancing practices that heal from the inside out and elevate positivity for a full and meaningful life. Body Soul is in the business of marketing and attracting those that want whole life and are ready for balance, peace of mind, and to thrive instead of just survive. Other platforms may not care who comes inside their space, but we do. We have our eyes on quality people who want your products and services. We are focused on gathering a tribe that is specific to wellness and the good life, so you can focus on your brand and your offerings without worry.

We are dedicated to you being seen and heard by the right people.

We do not promote or sell to your audience constantly like Facebook, Instagram, or other social platforms. Our model is better than Facebook from the perspective of user experience. We are not an ADs driven app; unlike their business model that relies on a heavy ad conversion rate for monetization, we are built with a non-profit heart and only promote Premiere Soulpreneurs Association™ members.

Your media is SAFE and YOURS! Our social platform is private. As a member, you can have autonomy over whether your group posts are shareable to other social platforms. Your conversations within our message feature are encrypted. When you message other members within our app we cannot see them, our developers cannot see them.

They are kept safe through private servers.

We believe that your truth should not be censored and have a strict policy of NO CENSORSHIP. Each group owner has the ability to admin their group and choose what posts come and go within that community.

Body Soul does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations. And, to keep everyone safe, we have strict rules on bullying, hate speech, or other prejudices and judgments.

Stop worrying about the Algorithms.

Every post on the Body Soul App is not subject to a hidden priority system. You get to control the algorithms of your own groups.

When you are a premiere member, your promotions, ADs, and event listings are all included in the plan. There are no additional costs per view. Your audience will no longer have to go to 3 different places to find your content, booking calendar, events courses, or groups. They can now find it all within the app.

Your URL links outside the app can be created into a button. Deep linking is available as well for your posts. Meaning you can point people directly to in-app locations or to a specific location outside the app with a url.

You no longer have to worry about how many likes or comments you are receiving to stay relevant or be seen. You don't have to worry about not using some words that get your posts shadow-banned by other social platforms. Did you know that words and phrases like, "buy now ", "comment below", health-related knowledge, and "link in comments" are all subjected to your post getting banned from being seen on Facebook and some of these are even being censored on Instagram as well? Plus, if you use these words too often your whole account is subject to getting "shadow-banned," this means that only you can see your posts.

Well, with Body Soul App we do not play into these games and know how important it is that you are seen and heard. You not only have full control of your language, but you also have total control with In-App notifications that your community receives from your group(s) in their notification menu.

Lastly, go LIVE with ease.

Go LIVE inside your group and if you're a premiere member take advantage of going live not only inside your groups in the app but also go live on our Body Soul Facebook Group and the Soulpreneurs Association Facebook Group.

BONUS: Both memberships will receive Biz Soulpreneurs Group within the app that gives you exclusive access to all of the courses you need to build and market your business online, have a community to ask questions related to your business, Virginia answers coaching questions posted in group Mon-Fri, plus Virginia and other soulpreneurs come to share monthly wisdom on business and marketing with soul.

We're here to help you reach the world with your talents.

Are you ready to expand?

Which level of Soulpreneurs Membership will you choose?


Classic Membership

Soulpreneurs Association™

  • Host up to 3 groups inside the Body Soul App
  • Unlimited Video Storage inside the group
  • Unlimited Content Storage inside the group
  • GO LIVE inside your groups within the Body Soul App and Body Soul Facebook Group
  • Schedule your posts, pin your posts in your groups, polling, add gifs
  • Control in-app notifications for your groups
  • Control Sharing Capabilities
  • Create buttons for your posts that link external URLs within a post within algorithmic interruptions
  • Be listed in our directory that is accessible to the whole Body Soul Community

Premiere Membership

All of the classic plan plus:

All of classic plus:

  • Be featured in our monthly email newsletter
  • Unlimited Video Storage inside folders
  • Unlimited Content Storage inside folders
  • Be featured in Body Soul News during your launches.
  • Be a featured podcast guest
  • Monthly mentions in Body Soul News
  • Priority Auditions for Body Soul Live Events
  • Unlimited groups inside the Body Soul app
  • Even more visibility - Host your meditations, yoga, or other healing arts inside of Body Soul Premium (our premium feature that is visible to all APP users.)
  • Advanced Features for your folders such as the ability to customize the private views for select audiences.
  • Advanced controls to increase comments and engagement
  • List your event on our public calendar within the Body Soul APP

Entrepreneur VS Soulpreneur

An entrepreneur's heart is dedicated to freedom and creating monetary means with their talents. If it can create independent wealth and excites the entrepreneur they are ready to jump in!

When an entrepreneur sees a great opportunity, they go for it!

A soulpreneur has similarities to the entrepreneur but is a tad different. They may have a multitude of talents and gifts that may make a lot of money, but no matter how much money is at stake, they are driven by what makes their souls happy, nothing else will do.

A soulpreneur isn't here to simply make money or help people with just anything that they're good at. They are here to serve through what ignites their inner being and lights them on fire.

You can spot owners, CEOs, and professionals that are soulpreneurs if you look for it. You'll see a glimmer, a sparkle, in their eyes. You'll experience their products at a visceral level and not believe how good you feel while using them. Or, you'll wear their jewelry and you'll feel good vibes when you do. You can feel their words as they speak in your bones; no one can say it as a soulpreneur can. When a soulpreneur steps into their sweet spot zone, into their zone of genius, they gain super-hero powers in how they can impact a life. This is a soulpreneur.

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